EP.57: Pokemon on the Switch, Fallout 76 Announced, and Sea of Thieves the Hungering Deep.

EPISODE 57- Recorded: May 30, 2018 

Hey everyone! Thanks for catching us on our 57th episode! Join the conversation as we discuss Sea of Thieves, Pokemon Lets Go Pikachu, and Fallout 76!

This episode focuses on Blizzard’s new addition to the Battle.net ecosystem. Blizzard announced today that Black Ops 4 will be joining the rest of the Blizzard and Bungie games on the PC app this upcoming Fall at the games release.

  • You can find Mondo, your host, as Roadzter on Playstation and Roadztergaming on Instagram and Twitter;
  • Luis as Galarce17;
  • Justin as Snoke; and
  • You can also find Betty on Playstation and PC as Callmebettyzeo.


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