EP.55: [MINI EP] Blizzard Embraces Call of Duty. Black Ops 4 is coming to Battle.net on PC.

EPISODE 55- Recorded: May 17, 2018
Hey everyone! Thanks for catching us on our 55th episode! Join the conversation in our first mini episode! These episodes will be hyperfocused on a particular issue and will only be just a few a minutes long and they will be marked by [MINI EP] so you know what type of episode it is. This one in particular is a bit longer because we didnt have an episode this past week so I wanted to cover a little more than I expect in future mini episodes. 
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This episode focuses on Blizzard's new addition to the Battle.net ecosystem. Blizzard announced today that Black Ops 4 will be joining the rest of the Blizzard and Bungie games on the PC app this upcoming Fall at the games release. 

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